Made with love in Sydney, handcrafted pieces that stay forever beautiful.
Made with love in Sydney, handcrafted pieces that stay forever beautiful.
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Care for your Macramé piece

Please hang your new fibre art immediately. It may look a little bit kinked when you unwrap it, please use your fingers or a comb to gently brush through the cotton fringe. The fibres will naturally begin to fall their way in time.
Please read the tips below to keep your macramé piece looking great:
  • For cleaning, hold it up by what it’s mounted to [cinnamon stick, driftwood, dowel, etc] and gently shake it from side to side. This will dislodge any dust particles and also help move all the tassels and fringes into place. If, after doing this, you’re still finding particulate matter hanging on, you can use a sticky lint roller and—gently, carefully—roll it over stubbornly dusty areas. Do not use the vacuum cleaner. 
  • If your piece gets accidentally stained, avoid submerging it in liquid as this could shrink or distort the design. Spot cleaning with some lukewarm water or diluted white vinegar can help remove any spots.
  • Keep your macramé away from moisture and cooking fumes or strong smells. Moisture can cause it to become smelly and can encourage mould growth. Keep it away from flames, cotton is flammable!.
  • Keep your macramé away from the reach of young children and pets. Cats love playing with loose strings :) 
  • Some natural fibres can attract bugs. Just to be safe, periodically check your piece for any signs of creepy crawly activity.
  • Regularly checking your piece for signs of dust, bugs, mould and stains will help prevent any little problems from growing unmanageable.
  • Over time, soft fringe, tassels, and feathers can get a bit tangled or begin to twirl. To prevent this messy appearance, gently go over these areas with a brush or comb. When combing/brushing out fringe, make sure to hold close to the top of the fibres [just like you would hold hair close to the scalp when brushing it]. Regularly brushing fringe will keep it looking soft, straight, and smooth.
  • When hanging a wall hanging or plant hanger, make sure that the wall or ceiling is capable of supporting the weight of what you’re hanging.